lemon rice seivathu eppadi

lemon rice seivathu eppadi tells about the variety rice using lemon for lunch box or can have in any menu with perfect side dish coconut chutney or mint chutney or both.

Benefits of lemon:

Lemon juice has excellent health benefits because it is rich in Vitamin C.

So, It helps in improving metabolism and take care of skin. The lemon removes waste from body.

Lemon gives energy to body in addition, that may have the potential to reduce Kidney stones. Let’s use half lemon per day to have enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C.

Lemon rice ingredients:

*Cooked rice -1 cup ( Let it cool by spread over a plate)

*lemon -1 (Crush and separate the juice)

*Garlic gloves -5 pieces(Crush each)

*Green chili -3 pieces(cut each vertically into four pieces)

*Ground nut oil- 2 teaspoonful

*Mustard -1/8th teaspoon

*Bengal dal -1 teaspoon

*Urid dal -1/4th teaspoon

*Curry leaves -10 pieces( Cut each into small pieces)

*Coriander leaves -1/4th handful(Cut into Small pieces)

*Salt – Required amount

*Turmeric powder- 2 pinches

Preparation of Lemon rice:(lemon rice seivathu eppadi)

Put a pan in stove and on the stove but it should be in medium flame. Let it heat for some time. Now add oil and let it heat. Then add mustard and let it burst.

Then add urid dal and Bengal dal, let them fry until they turn medium brown in color.

After dal turned medium brown add garlic gloves, curry leaves, chili pieces and coriander leaves. Let them fry for some moment until the green chili turns pale white so that it would give us awesome taste.

Once the chili turns pale white, add the rice and turn off the stove.

Add the lemon juice with the rice. Mix altogether till the juice spread over the rice evenly.

Now, our fresh and healthy lemon rice is ready to have. It won’t ruin for 1 or 2 days. Finally our lemon rice is awesome in taste.

Give it your children for lunch, they will certainly praise and fond of you:)

http://www.lsnhealthytips.com/coconut-chutney-recipe/(opens in a new tab)

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