Herbal hair wash powder

Herbal hair wash powder,Hair wash powder.

Herbal hair wash powder is made using herbal ingredients which nourish the hair.

I do reiterate that, please don’t stick on chemical shampoo and other chemicals to clean and condition your hair.

Make natural hair wash powder at your home and use them without chemicals.

The foam giving Sekakkai powders is added with some chemicals which makes foam when we use it.

Most importantly, they make itching scalp, hair fall and so on

Try to make herbal hair wash powder at your home or buy from us which nourish your hair and condition it.


  1. Green gram
  2. Sekakkai
  3. poochakai
  4. rose petals
  5. Magizham poo
  6. Amla

And so on.

Make them dry in sunlight and make them powder by mixing all the ingredients.

Use the powder on scalp after applying oil on hair. It is extraordinary cleanser and conditioner.

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Herbal hair wash powder
Herbal hair wash

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