Herbal bath powder, Nalangu maavu.

Herbal bath powder is made using herbs. This powder is a herbal product to care for our skin.

Nowadays all of us forget about the herbs and stick on to the chemicals.

This blog is writing by me to make more awareness about natural herbs available in our own garden and how it beautify our skin and helps to stay healthy.

Nowadays, I feel awareness came for all and turn towards the herbs and herbal products. Most important product is caring our skin and hair.

The natural bath powder(nalangu maavu) is made completely using herbs available in our place and nearby places.

Here is few herbal bath powder for skin whitening ingredients.


  1. green gram
  2. raw rice
  3. avaram poo
  4. Makizham poo
  5. Rose petals
  6. Dal
  7. Adimaduram
  8. Dhiraviya pattai
  9. Vasambu

And so on. We use nearly 30 ingredients to make the bath powder. Which cures bad body odor, pimples, sun tan, and so on.

Most importantly, it gives divine smell when we take both using this bath powder.

So, please all of you make bath powder at your home or buy from us. Use it to get excellent result and have satisfaction of we stick on herbs but not on chemicals.

This bath powder we made is

Nalangu maavu
Herbal bath powder

Here is the link for our website.


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