fragrance oils:

fragrance oils made using natural flowers available in their places. Here, I have posted few fragrance oils like Sambangi oil, Rose mary oil and marygold oil.

These are the fragrance oils made at home instead of buying artificial oils in market to make bath soap, washing soap, hair oils, body perfumes,…

When we use fragrance oils to make bath soaps, it gives excellent smell to our body when we use the soap. The smell is long lasting and natural too.

If we use fragrance oils for washing soap it gives natural fragrance to cloth and does not damage the cloth.

Please prepare them and use whenever you need and enjoy the fragrance and benefits of fragrance oils.

And share your comments here!

Rosemary oil:

Firstly buy one bundle of rosemary and clean it then remove all fresh petals and stems aside to use. But don’t use bottom stems.

For 500 ml of extra virgin coconut oil we need 200grams of rosemary.

However we can use olive oil instead of extra virgin coconut oil

Preparation of rosemary oil:

Cleaned Rosemary

Put a pan and heat the oil to 30 to 50 degrees in low flame. We are heating the oil that to dissolve the fragrance from flowers easily. Or, we can just pour rosemary in a clean cup or glass bottle and add the coconut oil until all rosemary merge into oil. No more remain above the oil.

Then only there will be no fungal while preparing fragrance oil.

I’ve heated the coconut oil to 30 to 40 degrees and added rosemary and immediately turned off the stove.

Rosemary added to oil

Keep this mixture for 5-6 days each day put the oil+Rosemary mixture in sunlight for 3-4 hours by closing the vessel with a white cloth.

This sunlight heat will help to mix the fragrance of rosemary to the coconut oil.

After 6 days our fragrance oil is ready. Remove all rosemary from oil by extracting with the white cloth.

While you extract the oil, as a result you will enjoy the fragrance of oil.

Rosemary oil

Please think how our mind when we make fragrance oil at home and use it.

Please see the color of Rosemary oil. It is awesome to look and smell.

Marigold fragrance oil:

Marigold petals

Firstly buy Marigold flowers from market or take from garden. Remove the petal parts from the flower.

And dry it in under roof for 1 day. We are drying it under roof because the water content in the petals goes off.

Now, put the petals in a cup and pour coconut oil over it till all petals merge into oil.

Marigold soak in oil

Put this in sunlight for 5-6 days and 3-4 hours per day by closing the vessel with clean white cloth.

Drain out the petals from oil as a result of it looks nice and with awesome fragrance.

Marigold oil

Please try it and tell your comments.

The oil looks pale yellow. And nice in fragrance.

Sambangi flower fragrance oil:


Firstly take sambangi flower from garden or buy from market. Remove the unnecessary parts of the flower.

Dry it for 1 day under roof. Then put it in a vessel and add coconut oil until all flowers emerge into oil.

Sambangi soaking in oil

Otherwise the fungus will form on the top of the flower.

Put the oil+ Flower mixer in sunlight for 6-7 days for 3-4 hours each day by covering the top of the vessel by a clean white cloth.

After 7 days, drain out the Sambangi fragrance oil. As a result we got awesome oil and use it to make bath soap or whatever purpose you want. Don’t use for cooking.

Finally, did you see how awesome oils we got using flowers?. They are really wonderful oils gives nice fragrance. But store it in air tight container.

I’m going to write article of making bath soap using these fragrance oils.

Please read that article too and try them and leave your comment!

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