Drinking hot water reduces the weight

Drinking hot water reduces the weight is a way to reduce the weight.

Taking hot water reduces our weight to some extend. There is some way to take it.

Firstly take some hot water(that should be drinking heat) add some lemon juice and honey with it. Then drink in empty stomach in the morning.

Secondly you can try this hot water after half an hour of every meal. That would helps to improve the immune and reduce the weight.

And also plain hot water works best for our weight loss. Don’t take over heat water. Just take the hot water that you can drink usually.

When you take hot water every day, it starts to remove toxins and unwanted cholesterol from each cell of your body. We can not see the result in one day.

It takes nearly 1 month to start reducing weight. Not only reduces the weight, it increases immunity to the body and when it clears the toxins , our skin glows.

So, all of you take 3 times hot water after half an hour of intake of food to keep health and awesome skin. But in the morning, you need to take in empty stomach.

When all toxins removed from your body, all the disease goes out from your body. I saw a video, in which one enchanter says “there is some mantras to cure one’s disease. In which first step is to remove toxins from the body using enchanting words”.

So, please remember how important is to remove toxins from body to keep the healthiness.

So, every one understand drinking hot water reduces the weight and improves healthy of our body in all degrees.

Keep following taking hot water after every time of food and have good life and awesome moments! šŸ™‚

All the best for healthy life!:)

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