Dried mango slices

Dried mango slices are the slices of mango+salt. All we know mango is a seasonal fruit. So, it does not available during all the year. Mango is available in the summer season.

We all know health benefits of mango including baby mango to ripen mango. Each stage of mango has it’s own nutrition for health. Most importantly, baby mango(Mango vadu) is used to make mango pickles in South India.

It is delicious and awesome to have as a side dish to all variety rice.

We can use dried mango slices to make mango sambar which is main side dish to rice.

So, it is popular in India.

Things required for slices:

*Mango- 1 or 2 (as much as you want and available to you)

*Rock salt powder – as much as required.

Preparation of mango slices:

Firstly take mango and rinse them well.

Secondly peel the skin and slice them into small pieces in the shape you want.

Add mango slices with two table spoon of the rock salt and mix them well.

Then dry it in sunlight. We need to dry for 4-5 days. Once it becomes dried, we can store it in a air tight container for future use.

Finally our dried mango is ready to use. You can use it in sambar and use it to make pickle.

Really, our nature has this much of awesome ways to keep things better. Why all we need to buy in market that was made using chemicals?

Every mom make these dried mango at home and store it for future use. This is durable for more than 4 months.

Certainly your elders will praise you if you prepare these natural dried vegetables and fruits for future purpose. No need to add vinegar.

Prepare and leave your comments.

Have a happy life! šŸ™‚

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