Corona virus

Corona fever

Corona virus

Corona fever is the currently affecting all age people. Some will come out of this disease. But some will not because of lack of immunity. Natural immune booster are the natural vegetables and fruits that helps to improve immunity to the body.

This is the time to discuss about immune booster because of terrifying Corona Virus all over the world.

I’m really taking much care and advise to my son and my brother’s son who lives outside of native place. This article is continuation of care on all peoples over the world.

My first thing is to pray god to destroy the corona virus from the earth and around it.

Most importantly we have some important duty to increase immunity to our body to repel any disease.

There are some foods available in India that improves immunity to the body.

  1. Citrus fruits: The fruits like Orange, Citrus fruit, Lemon, and so on.
  2. Take vegetables like Brocoli, carrot, beet root, bottle guard, snake guard, ridge guard. Make salad of these vegetables and eat daily to increase the immune system.
  3. Eat green leaves soup daily that would increase the immune. Take few green leaves with it’s stem add cumin seeds, pepper, garlic gloves , black cumin seeds and Fenugreek. Boil them by adding water till all the greens immerge into water. And boil them well and cool it. Then blend it well and drain out the soup and have the delicious soup.
  4. Have lemon+Honey+hot water drink and Ginger+honey+hot water drink.
  5. We have some natural drinks like Nelavembu kasayam. So take them once in a week to improve the immunity. Nelavembu powder is available in Amazon. So, add it to hot water and drink. I have given the link below.
  6. And do some external precaution too. Let’s make smoke of sambirani powder every day in home, office, bus, and in common places too to remove moisture.
  7. Keep your hands clean and all other places clean like doctors say to prevent the spread of Corona virus or any other virus.

Corona fever:

This virus spread all over the world. This virus spread from China at Wuhan. In Wuhan there is Wuhan Institute of Virology(important note). There was high density of virus over that place so, many people affected by the virus.

Most importantly density of virus is less in India. And it is not highly spread for all because all precaution measure taken by the government. So, no one need to worry about it.

Certainly all has to boost your immunity and remove the worry from your mind about the virus.

Be happy and have healthy life! šŸ™‚

Here is the link for Nelavembu powder,

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