Coconut barfi:

Coconut barfi is made in special occasions and it is lasting for a month. This article is making coconut burfi using jaggery or raw sugar.

Every child and all age people enjoy the benefits of dark chocolate and foods. In that category our dark coconut barfi has excellent benefits to health and awesome in taste.

Things required for coconut barfi:

*Grated coconut -1 cup

*Jaggery or raw sugar -2 cups

*Butter -4 teaspoonful

*Cardamom powder -1/2 teaspoon

* Milk -50ml

*Ghee-2 teaspoon

Preparation of Coconut barfi:

Steps to be followed to make coconut burfi,

1. Firstly put pan on stove and add sugar and milk.

2. On the stove and put in medium flame

Sugar syrup

3. Heat until sugar syrup becomes one string consistency.

One string consistency.

4. Firstly add grated coconut and 1 spoon butter and stir them well. While doing this take a clean and dry plate and apply ghee over it.

5. Stir them well until it comes to burfi texture(Patham).

Coconut paste is spread over plate

6. Once the burfi texture comes, turn off the stove and pour it into ghee applied plate.

7. Finally let it cool for 10 to 15 minutes

8. Then slice them and serve the excellent coconut burfi.

Coconut burfi

It looks brown in color and has extraordinary benefits.

Prepare it , you all certainly enjoy the sweet and leave your comment. While eating this burfi we need to follow one simple technique to enjoy complete taste.

Bite small amount of burfi and mix it with saliva and taste it and tell your comments to me.

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