chapati is made using wheat flour or multigrain including wheat and it is delicious to have with potato kurma, chenna masala and curd with onion.

Things required to make chapati:

*Wheat flour -250 grams

*Water -required amount

*Egg white -1

*Salt – required amount.

Making chapati dough:

Firstly put the flour into the wide open vessel. Then add water little by little then mix with flour and take off the flour which was mixed well with water. Keep it in another vessel

Then add some more water and mix with flour and take them off and gather it. Repeat the process until all dough are ready.

Chapati dough

After collecting dough added to water add the egg white. Then start to mix them well until the dough becomes soft. Here we are adding egg white to make chapati more soft.

Make them as small balls once the dough has been mixed to become soft.

How to make chappati:

Press each ball of dough into round shape using the chapati making vessel.

Put pan on the stove and let it heat for some time. Then put each round shaped dough on to the pan. Let it boil for one side for light brown to medium brown.

Important note: If you want to store semi cooked chapati for future use just heat both sides of chapati and keep it in refrigerator then you can cook well when you want to eat. I never recommend this because I always appreciate to have healthy. When we keep in refrigerator, the live power of wheat powder goes off.

Most importantly the stove should be in medium flame. And press the ridges of chapati to cook well on ridges.

Then turn the chapati and cook the other side to medium brown color.

Change the sides to cook well and that would puff while it cooks.

Repeat the process till you finish making all the chapatis. Finally our soft soft chapatis are ready to have with it’s special side dishes.

We can have side dishes as Egg kurma, Chicken fry, curd+ onion cuts , even dal kulambu and many more.


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