Beetroot carrot juice

Carrot and beetroot juice

Carrot and beetroot juice is a delicious and it creates blood developing cells in the body. So, it is extraordinary beneficial juice if we add some more dates with it.

I used to take it daily from recent days and continue. It develops blood and increases skin texture.

Most importantly take it daily to avoid disease that would attack us.

Things required to make Carrot and beetroot juice:

*Carrot -1

*Beet root – 2 slices

*Lemon -10 drops

*Coconut-2 teaspoonful (Grated coconut) Or, use 2 two inch pieces.

*Ginger – 1/4 inch piece

*Honey -2 teaspoon

Preparation of juice:

Firstly rinse the carrot and Beet root well and slice them into small pieces.

Secondly put them and ginger into blender and grind it well. Then extract juice from the ground paste.

Then add lemon juice and honey then mix them well.

Finally our carrot and beetroot juice is ready to take.

Beetroot carrot juice

We are tamed to give tea or coffee nowadays to guests. The coffee and tea is not good when we take more than once in a day.

So everyone practice to give this kind of juice to guests to make them happy and they will surely bless you because of their satisfaction. šŸ™‚

And you all try daily and tell me your comments! All will be happy. It would enhance the glow of skin and you can feel how fertile is our skin in 1 week.

Have happy drinks and have happy younger life:)

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