Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd for skin whitening

Bitter gourd for skin whitening is the solution to dark skin when the paste of bitter gourd and cucumber paste applied on dark skin.

Bitter gourd

There are several benefits of bitter gourd. It is easily available vegetable in India. So, let’s see the benefits of bitter gourd.

1. Bitter gourd for skin whitening:

Firstly take two slices of bitter gourd and 2 slices of cucumber.

Secondly grind them into fine paste without adding water.

Now, apply the paste on the face as face mask and let it to dry for some time till it completely dries.

Once it become completely dry then rinse with warm water. Repeat the process twice in a week for glowing skin.

2.It purifies blood:

Eating bitter gourd helps in purifying blood. We can eat once in a week gives awesome blood. It kills bacteria which makes the blood impure. So, take raw juice of bitter guard in Empty stomach which controls the diabetes. And kills and expels the warms from stomach. It makes our body healthy and improves good blood.

To make juice, take one bitter gourd and remove the seeds from it. Then grind it to a fine liquid by adding some water.

Our bitter guard juice is ready!

3. Helps in weight loss:

When you take the bitter gourd juice daily it helps to improve metabolism and reduces the weight.

Important note: Always take limited quantity of any vegetable or fruit but take daily to get improved skin and health.

4. Reduce the sugar level of diabetes:

All diabetes patients remember to have 2-3 slices of bitter gourd in empty stomach to reduce the sugar. The bitter taste in this bitter gourd makes your insulin active. So, active insulin helps to reduce the sugar level in blood.

Like this it has many benefits…

So, every one take bitter gourd in their daily diet to have it’s extraordinary benefits. The bitter taste of this gourd make people dislike it. But prepare it in nice manner and have it.

Make children to eat the bitter gourd regularly. Firstly they will even not to touch. But as a mom we need to tell them the benefits and make them eat.

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  1. Usually the all tips from other blogs would be giving the tips with the materials which won’t be available in the village side .. but this very simple and really unknown to us.. thank you for giving these wonderful tips

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