Banana dry fruit

Banana dry fruit is made using banana available in abundant. When banana is 80% ripen, we can dry them and store them for future consumption.

This banana fruit is rich in vitamin, minerals and fiber.

So, every one try this and keep your family healthy, energetic and immune.

Things required to make dry fruit of banana:

*Banana- as much as you have in abundant

Preparation of banana to dry:

Firstly take the banana and rinse them well and remove the top and bottom black parts.

Secondly cut them into small pieces for the shape you want but they must be thin. Don’t peel the skin. Because under the skin there are essential minerals like potassium.

Now, put each slice in a big plate one by one. And then dry them in sunlight for 5 to 7 days till it completely dries.

If we want, we can sprinkle raw sugar syrup on banana slices.

Most importantly, the sugar syrup is made by adding raw sugar with water and boil them until it turns one string consistency.

But I didn’t used sugar syrup. I used the sliced banana but with skin. But it is very tasty. And it’s natural taste was kept there.

I’m really wondering about the taste! So, please all prepare it in your home and use it for future.

Dried fruit:

But, banana is available in all season. So, when you have abundant you can prepare this. Or, if you have your child in hostel or not with you, that time prepare dried banana and give them to use for long.

Most importantly, we are not adding any chemical to it. But it lasts for more than 3 months. But the fruits should be dried well.

Certainly every mom please try and give it to your child to keep their health and immune. And leave your comments! 🙂

Have happy life! 🙂

Still I’m drying the fruit, I’ll upload the picture once it completely dried. 🙂

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