Banana almond milkshake

Banana and almond milkshake

Banana and almond milkshake is a awesome drink made at home for snacks or treat guests.

And I advise all of you to make natural nutritional drinks at home to treat your guests to get awesome think about you in their mind.

Here is the simple way to make milkshake at your home.

Things required to make Banana and almond milkshake:

*Banana- 1(ripe)

*Almond -5 (Soak in water for more than 5 hours)

*Dates -3 pieces for sweetness

*Honey -1 teaspoon which gives awesome sweetness

Banana, dates and almond

Preparation of milkshake:

. Firstly soak the almond in water for 5 hours. Then peel(Optional) the skin and use the white part of almond.

. Secondly rinse the dates well and keep it aside

. Now put all ingredients into blender and grind it into fine liquid. If you want you can add water.

. And add more honey to make it more sweetness.

. Finally our natural healthy Banana almond milkshake is ready to serve.

Banana almond milkshake

. Certainly we know benefits of banana , almond and dates. Prepare it at home as healthy snacks.

. Most importantly I used to make milkshakes , juices, and other sweet taste drinks at home using honey. One interesting information is my son got into IIT due to his cool health even though he had study stress for more than 14 hours in a day.

. And I used to make drinks, shakes and all other recipes using natural ingredients. As a result he didn’t get sick during his hard working period for the aim of IIT.

. So I recommend all moms to use natural ingredients to make recipes to keep immunity and health of our children and family.

Therefore all moms take care of your health and your family. Have a happy life:)

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Here is the link of how to make banana milkshakes

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