Badam milk shake recipe

Badam milk shake recipe is good for health and made at home for compensating the daily nutrition requirements of body.

Badam is also named as Almond. Indian almond is little bit different shape than the almond available in market.

Anyway it is good to use both. But the Indian badam is good in nutrition. It is cultivated in village side without pesticide or any harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Badam:

Having badam everyday keeps the health well. It gives excellent nutrition to our complete body from hair to skin.

I take 4 badam(Soak in water overnight) daily, my hair fall stopped in a week. So every one enjoy the awesome benefits by taking it daily in less quantity like 4 to 5 pieces of badam.

Certainly badam gives excellent benefit to skin because it increases the good cholesterol. In Palio diet too, they follow badam as their Breakfast because of it’s nutrients.

Things required for Badam milk shake recipe:

*Badam – 5 pieces (Soak in water for 6 hours)

* Milk -200ml

*Saffron – 1/4 pinch

*Jaggery or raw sugar – 1 teaspoon (as per requirement)

*Cardamom powder (optional) -1 pinch

Important note: I’ve added the links where the Badam and saffron available in Amazon.

Preparation of Badam milk shake:

Firstly peal the skin of soaked badam and grind into fine paste by adding some milk to it. Drain with sieve.

Secondly pour the milk into a clean milk boiling pan and make it boil. Then add the ground badam paste and saffron.

Boil it well till it for few moments. The milk shake should be in liquid form to drink after we add with milk and boiled well. Finally add the raw sugar.

Finally our Badam milk shake is ready to have in hot. If you want you can cool it and drink.

Better you can avoid using ice cubes or chill it in refrigerator.

All moms prepare at home and give it to your child instead of snacks or drinks which are bought from shops.

Have happy and healthy life!:)

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