Analysis about Horlicks

Ingredients of Horlicks:

  • Wheat flour – good for health
  • Malted Barley – good for health
  • Dried whey milk – good for health
  • Calcium Carbonate –treat low blood calcium levels in people who do not get enough calcium from their diets. This artificial substance is NOT good for health.
  • Dried Skimmed Milk- Good for health
  • Palm oil, salt – Good for health
  • Vitamins – Natural vitamin extracts are good for health. But Vitamins added in Horlicks are artificial. Artificial vitamins are NOT good for health.
  • Emulsifier – It is a chemical substance NOT good for health. The sideeffects such as fatigue and pain and, in some instances, organ failure.
  • Acidity regulator – Which is chemical substance NOT good for health.
  • Permitted Natural colour and Added flavour – These two things can not be obtained from natural extracts for the whole market. So, they are adding artificial colour and flavour. They totally injuries to health.

Why should we use this drink which was added with dangerous ingredients?

Please all think about this. Because there is no one without health issues even from small babies to elders. So, please try to use only natural things which are available to you in your nearby market.

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