About us

About us of this blog page says about me 🙂

I’m LSN, working as a teacher. I’ve started this website because of unhealthy food everywhere that covers us but troubles our health. So, I started to make people aware about nature and keep the health without using artificial things. I hope all will support me and enjoy making healthy dishes. 🙂

We know go for market or malls, ask one question by yourself.

How these goods are colorful? How they are made?

What are things used to make these colorful snacks?

How healthy our grand-parents and how we are healthy nowadays?

That would give us perfect idea of why we are unhealthy and each one of us has atleast one disease with us.

Above all, think why do we need to use snacks or dishes available outside the house. And why we need such a chemical tasty dishes to eat?.

Think perfectly and change your lifestyle to have awesome and happy life and make happy healthy generations:)

If you start making healthy dishes and make your family with a seal of healthy family, your next generation will praise you for your effort and their healthy lifestyle:)